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                                                                   Networking for Communications Challenged Communities:

                                                                   Architecture, Test Beds and Innovative Alliances

Arcticles and presentations

Lindberg, Malin and Udén, Maria (2010) 'Women, reindeer herding and the Internet: an innovative process in northern Sweden', Innovation: The European Journal of Social Science Research, 23: 2, 169 — 177

Udén, Maria (forthcoming 2011). Women, the Knowledge Society and ICT Access in the Reindeer Grazing Areas. Scheduled to be published in Krings, Bettina et al (Edts) Changes of Work in Knowledge-based Societies, Berlin: sigma verlag.

Sašo Vrbinc, Boštjan Grašič, Marija Zlata Božnar, Primož Mlakar (2010) SYMBIONODE DATA CARRIER IN DELAY AND DISRUPTION TOLERANT NETWORKING (DTN). Presented at CSS'2010, Josef Stafan Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia 11-15 Octber 2010.

Participation in FIRE events

N4C at Living Labs event 14 January 2009

N4C at the Future Internet Assembly, BUDAPEST 18 May 2011.

N4C at the Future Internet Assembly, KISTA 23-24 November 2011.

Stephen Farrell, Stefan Weber, Alex McMahon, Eoin Meehan, Kerry Hartnett

An N4C DTN Router Node Design



Witold Holubowicz, Lukasz Kiedrowski, Krzysztof Romanowski

DTN simulation tool for N4C integration support

ServiceWave'11 Proceedings of the 4th European conference on Towards a service-based internet

Springer-Verlag Berlin, Heidelberg 2011


Stephen Farrell, Stefan Weber, Alex McMahon, Eoin Meehan, Kerry Hartnett

N4C DTN Router Node: 2009 Results, 2010 Plans

ACM Proceedings, ExtremeCom 2010 Dharamsala, India


Maria Udén

Networking for Communications Challenged Communities: Report from a European project targeting conditions of poor or lacking ICT coverage

Journal of community Informatics Vol 7, No 3 (2011)


À lvaro Gutiérrez , Carlos Gonzàlez, Javier Jimènez-Leube, Santiago Zazo, Nelson Dopico and

Ivana Raos

A HeterogeneousWireless Identification Network for the

Localization of Animals Based on Stochastic Movements

Sensors 2009, 9, 3942-3957; doi:10.3390/s90503942


Nelson I. Dopico, Benjamin Bejar, Sergio Valcarel Macua, Pavle Belanvic and Santaigo Zazo

Improved Animal tracking Algorithms Using Distributed Kayman-based Filters

European Wireless 2011, April 27-29, Vienna, Austria