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                                                                   Networking for Communications Challenged Communities:

                                                                   Architecture, Test Beds and Innovative Alliances


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Cookies are small text files saved on your computer by the website you visit. Session cookies, which are temporary files, disappear when you leave the website. There are also what are termed persistent cookies that remain on your computer for a longer period or until you delete them yourself. These enable the website to remember you and the information you sought on earlier visits.


On 25 July 2003, Swedens new Electronic Communications Act entered into force. Under this law, visitors to a website must be informed that it uses cookies. The site must also give users the opportunity to block them. People not wishing to use them can disable cookies in their web browsers.


In order to subscribe to the N4C news service cookies must be accepted. In order to register for and edit your news subscription your web browser must accept cookies. N4C will also measure number of visitors at our web site.


If you do not wish to accept cookies you can:

  • temporarily change the security settings in your browser to enable cookies while you are editing your subscription
  • contact your webmaster and ask for assistance.