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                                                                   Networking for Communications Challenged Communities:

                                                                   Architecture, Test Beds and Innovative Alliances

Partner 8: Instituto Pedro Nunes, (IPN), Portugal

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Instituto Pedro Nunes - Association for Innovation and R&D in Science and Technology is a non-profit private organization founded in 1991. IPN promotes innovation and technology transfer. IPN work is made through RTD in partnership with enterprises. IPN has six laboratories besides accessing a network of researchers in the scientific and technological system, particularly from the University of Coimbra, mainly through the Faculty of Sciences and Technology. The Laboratory of Automation and Systems (LAS) – will be the main laboratory involved in this project. LAS develop its activities primarily in the following fields: Ubiquitous Computing (Wireless Sensor Networks, Ibuttons and RFID), image processing and vision computing, design of electric and electronic equipment, and rational use of energy.


Las developed and are launching the first technology Platform based in open source. This platform represents the beginning of a new and innovator model of technology transfer. The platform model is a completely free, open-source based model. It pretends to establish the communication among the agents involved and to organize R&D activities related with the prior local sector. This initiative has as main objective to increase the number of platforms, so that will be possible to establish an extensive transnational net of technology transfer. The IPN will use the knowledge involved in platform to create a N4C Wiki Portal with project objectives, software repository and installation procedures.


In N4C IPN is Work Package Leader for 

·         Work Package 7: System Integration

IPN will also contribute to work package WP9 Dissemination with heading development of the wiki.


Contact person: Mr. António Cunha