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                                                                   Networking for Communications Challenged Communities:

                                                                   Architecture, Test Beds and Innovative Alliances

Partner 9: MEIS storitve za okolje d.o.o., (MEIS), Slovenia

MEIS storitve za okolje d.o.o. (MEIS) is a new Slovenian SME established in the beginning of 2007 by a team of highly skilled professional people that have been working as a team for over 10 years. Its primary work field is air pollution modelling, engineering and software development for environmental measuring systems. They also make other environmental R&D.


MEIS has two main tasks within the N4C project. The first task is to lead the WP8 and to perform interdisciplinary test of the N4C achievements in remote areas of Kocevje region in Slovenia and this way prove that project results developed primarily for north Sweden can be effectively used in other European areas with similar problems of unavailable technological infrastructure. The second MEIS task will be to use their employee’s rich software programming skills and expert knowledge in designing of automatic environmental measuring systems to produce several software modules for different work packages and to design and implement the climate watch meteorological station and SW for its connectivity using DTN.


In N4C MEIS is Work Package Leader for 

·         WP8 Tests and validation in two remote test beds