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                                                                   Networking for Communications Challenged Communities:

                                                                   Architecture, Test Beds and Innovative Alliances

N4C concluded – Excellent GradesIMG_9574-2.jpg

N4C ended April 2011. The project coordinator and partners are glad and proud that the Review assessment graded the project with the highest score, Excellent progress. The Reviewers meant, that there is a big potential for further work, and we hope to be able to follow up on both individual and shared level At this page some of the activities that, has followed shortly after N4C ended are presented.

DTN learning material in Internet-based course

For making the N4C results available to as many as possible, a sub group from the N4C Consortium works with and new project called eLearning-DTN. The aim is to develop course material that will explain more about how to make use, of the software and instructions from N4C that is available free of charge, here at the N4C web page and other. The project is made possible thanks to funding from the EU Leonardo da Vinci Lifelong Learning Programme.


Access the speech by Elwyn Davies, at the Oxford Internet Institute 28 June 2011 “The future Internet: Pushing the Technology Boundaries: N4C”.


Postojna Cave environment surveillance

This video from the Postojna underground cave, shows a test in October 2011 where DTN in tested as transport for micrometeorology and human impact surveillance


Further research and exploration in SAIL and ExtremeCom

The N4C group at Trinity College Dublin has brought some of the insights from N4C to the FP7 project SAIL, Scalable and Adaptive Internet Solutions (SAIL). Also Dr. Anders Lindgren, member of the N4C Advisory Board, and the author of the PRoPHET algorithm which was used in N4C, is engaged in SAIL, through his work at SICS, the Swedish Institute for Computer Science. Anders is one of the iniatitors of the ExtremeCom conference, having visited Lapland, Himalaya, the Amazon, and in 2012 a first winter expedition in the Swiss Alps.



N4C at ServiceWave

Dissemination in the context of FIRE, the FP 7 Future Internet Research and Experimentation strand, is a key element for further initiatives. See this video from the ServiceWave conference during the Future Internet Week in Poznan 2011. The N4C demo, presented by the Polish N4C partner ITTI is seen about 3 minutes into the video.

Read the article “DTN simulation tool for N4C integration support” at the ACM Digital Library.