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                                                                   Networking for Communications Challenged Communities:

                                                                   Architecture, Test Beds and Innovative Alliances

Standards contributions


During the development of the N4C test bed infrastructure and applications, N4C partners have investigated and researched various technical aspects of DTN protocols and documented this work through the publication of Internet Drafts for consideration and review by the DTN research group and the wider IETF/IRTF community.

Contributions were made to the following areas:

  • Naming of DTN Endpoints through the dtn: URI scheme – documents

  • The DTN URI Scheme [URIscheme]

  • Adding the ‘find’ Operation to the dtn: URI Scheme [URIfind]

  • Endpoint Discovery Protocol for DTN

  • The Delay Tolerant Networking Endpoint Discovery Protocol [EndPoint]

  • Bundle Security Protocol [BSP]

  • Several updates have been made to this document to meet review comments both from within the DTNRG and from IESG and IRSG reviewers prior to its being accepted for publication as an Experimental RFC

  • PRoPHET Routing Protocol [PRoPHET]

  • Extensive experimental, simulation and theoretical work has been done on the PRoPHET Routing Protocol specification. There have been a number of updates to the Internet Draft that specifies the protocol. These versions have been presented to the DTNRG and review comments have been received from various member of the group. The document is expected to be submitted for formal approval very shortly.

  • Self-Defining Numeric Values [SDNV]

  • The Licklider Transmission Protocol [LTP], [LTPcl]

  • DTN Management mechanisms. A sub-group of the DTNRG has been working on this topic intermittently during the period of N4C. Much of this work is still at a very experimental stage and it is not implemented in the DTN2 reference implementation as yet. N4C staff have been involved in this group.

  • Extending the bundle protocol to handle cases where nodes have no good clock [AltTime]

  • Extending the bundle protocol to handle information-centric networking [InfCenNet], [QueryBlk]

The Internet-draft documents associated with a number of these areas have or are expected to become formally reviewed and approved RFCs in the near future. (There are six DTNRG documents currently in the RFC Editor’s publication queue at the time of writing. See [RFCQueue].)

N4C staff has provided considerable support and expertise in progressing these and other DTN RG documents through the formal processes necessary for publication as RFCs during the course of N4C. In addition to providing a co-chair for DTNRG, Elwyn Davies (Folly) has acted as ‘document shepherd’ for the current set of DTRNG documents in the RFC editor queue.


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