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                                                                   Networking for Communications Challenged Communities:

                                                                   Architecture, Test Beds and Innovative Alliances

Partner 5: The University of Dublin, Trinity College, (TCD), Ireland



Founded in 1592, Trinity College Dublin (TCD), is the oldest university in Ireland. Today, Trinity’s some 500 academic staff and 12,800 students, a quarter of which are postgraduates, actively cover all the major scientific disciplines. The Department of Computer Science is the largest department in the university with over 120 academic and research staff. There are currently 17 research groups in the department doing research in all areas of computer science.

Established in 1981, the Distributed Systems Group (DSG) is both the longest standing and largest research group in the Department of Computer Science. DSG currently has 8 full-time academic staff, 5 post-doctoral researchers and 35 graduate students. DSG has participated in over a dozen national and international collaborative research projects.


TCD is Work Package Leader for 

Work with N4C will be lead by Dr. Stephen Farrell who will head a research team. 


Contact person: Dr. Stephen Farrell